Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Moonlight Epic Poem


The Moonlight Epic

Moonlight was the name of old,

His story has to be told.

The fable from child to knight.

The book tells of his legendary plight.

But as his untimely demise,

Where a vulture would eat his eyes.

He was dead as a sandy grave.

It was told he’s a king, his father gave.

His mother treasured him babe to welt.

She healed his wounds where flogging dealt.

Born a cannibal to eat the dead.

Moonlight’s tomb would be where he fed.

From dust devils to sandstorms,

He would find and eat the worms.

Now a babe and soon to be born,

His mother cried and was torn.

As a young and dirty slave,

It never rained and he was brave.

The mother of dunes taught her son,

To eat the cacti under a dry sun.

A maiden of steel and will pretend,

To be a concubine to the end.

Now a disguise to be broken,

The king keeps the child as a token.

Once the mother did conceive,

The child would be en-throned he did believe.

When Moonlight was just a lad,

He did all sorts of things bad.

He was a weak and feeble boy,

As his father gave him a toy.

Too small to ride on the wooden horse gift,

And he couldn’t save a real beast from a rift.

After his mother almost passed from birth,

She died in the desert after showing worth.

She raised the child on cacti and worms,

She didn’t know about the germs.

When the mother died from a snake,

She knew now Moonlight wouldn’t break.

She raised him to belong,

The mother taught him all she knew, no wrong.

The boy made it with his own,

Until one-day he would be grown.

Moonlight’s mother left him a book,

Even how to play chess with a rook.

The book’s map showed where it was cold,

Where the king’s castle would be told.

The book says the king is his father,

And known for arrows with a feather.

Moonlight practiced day-to-night,

Until he made a bow that was tight.

His father raised him to be king,

And all the joy a knight would bring.

The king kept his wife a secret, exiled as a slave,

Moonlight was born banished, but brave.

The knight who taught him much he knew,

Moonlight learned he could fight a crew.

He was taught to use a blade,

Even how a blacksmith sword was made. 

The king was once a blacksmith,

He was born in the kingdom of Fort With.

Moonlight was now a prince,

He looked for a princess, so he had to wash and rinse.

The water from the well was now dirty,

He was now the age of thirty.

Moonlight now met a princess,

She was from the kingdom of Dirkcess.

As they talked they fell in love,

Her teeth were white as a dove.

A dragon now came forth,

To claim gold for what it was worth.

The knight that taught Moonlight was eaten,

And the king died fatally beaten.

Moonlight was now the new king,

The citizens celebrated with a bell they did ring.

Fire from the dragon’s nose flared,

As the soldier’s backs were bared.

Now Princess Amellia fought him,

Her hat was burned to the brim.

As the dragon flew forth, no time for a wedding,

However; he was caught in a spider’s webbing.

Moonlight climbed a tree where it was cold,

And Amellia stabbed a sword where the dragon did scold.

Now the dragon fell to the ground,

Moonlight shot his arrow with no sound.

The dragon and spider fought,

And the hairy-eyed fiend was wrought.

Now Moonlight was stabbed through his hide,

By the sharp dragon tail, he died.

Now they would of been wed,

And by his arrow and Amellia’s sword the dragon fatally bled.

What did you think?

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