Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Exercises


    The Deadlift,

    This is a compound exercise. As you lift the barbell in front of you, have your hips positioned between your head and knees. Keep the weight close to your legs throughout the workout and don't round your back. Have your feet shoulder width apart and keep your back straight, don't have your hips over your shoulders. Keep your eyes fixed on a certain spot throughout the exercise.

                                       The Preacher Curl,

    This is an isolation exercise for the biceps on a bench. Tuck in your elbows on the pad to isolate the biceps, with dumbbell/s or a barbell, do not rock your body back and forth.

The Turkish get-up,
    First lay down with your right arm extended. Plant your right leg down, keep your eyes on the light dumbbell or kettle bell and go into a seated position with your right knee up. Now the extended leg moves into a lunge position. Stand up.
    Now reverse your steps while keeping the dumbbell overhead and looking at it the whole time. After the last rep on the right side, start on the left side.

Max Contraction,

Hold the weight where it will create maximum tension for 45-60 seconds.

Super sets,

    A super set is when you do two different exercises, one after the other, such as; push ups and the bench press, or, exercises that incorporate opposite muscle groups such as bench leg extensions for the quads and bench leg curls for the hamstrings.

    First, go into a straight arm push up position then hold it in place for one minute, or more. For a more difficult plank, do it on your fore arms.

Side plank,
    Lay on your side while being raised with your hips and fore arm, and hold. For a more difficult side plank lay with your legs together and keep your spine straight as you lift from your feet, and hold. 

Hack Squat
A very good quad exercise. It's just like a deadlift except the weight will now be behind you at the calves. You will lift the barbell from the floor and all the way up along your hamstrings to the bottom glutes, and that's one rep.

Back Crunch
While lying on your belly put your hands behind your head like in a sit up, pull your upper body up, that's one rep.

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