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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

I Am A Man As I Should Be: Poem Book 1

This book consists of spiritual poems, love poems, holiday poems, nature poems, and science fiction poems; in the type of free verse, couplets, tercets, quadruplets, haiku, senryu, and the sonnet.

Slumber Nights

The sky was twinkling.

The stars like somber, ever reaching.

Yet sound and light to my ears and eyes.

My bright, bright, light

Don't ever go out,

Don't ever die of fright.

Let the light,

Let it shine forth.

Let the somber nights not awake me.

Let not my heart wander no more in fright.

Let my ears and eyes pierce the dimness of the night:

My life, my sorrows,

Let me see the light,

Not shake at night.

Oh God, why are you so far

And yet so near.

Are my senses for fear

Or for You that peers in the set of night?

Oh God, hold me near

And not so far from your sight.

When I awake, don't forsake my life for strife.

Your so near, yet so far,

Must I crawl to find an unreachable gap between us?

Oh, let it be Jesus, 

Let Him be the gap between us,

Not hell, don't let us fall under Satan's spell.

The dark of night,

The light of light,

Shiver me timbers,

And shake off fright,

Satan flee, and don't come at the stalking night.

I hold Jesus between me and God,

Now my armor is shod!

Twinkling eyes, sulking spies

Flee from the Lord's eyes

As I slumber at night.


Sky shattering,

Rainbows maddening.

The stars glistening

Through the eve of nightmares

And rushing anguish.

Starlit leaves

Whimper down

Where all is golden

And lay a crown.

A winner arises

Above old man winter.

There rises one sprout,

One leaflet,

And one flower.

Tongue of Flair

Sparks flying through the air.

I see the electricity in my hair.

I see the shock of love today and everywhere.

It is more blessed to give

Than to receive should we live.

I gave little so I suffer while in my chair.

I have all the promises of God.

I have eternal life with Jesus I nod,

But giving tiny amounts isn’t enough while I’m still fair.

But love shocks the broken hearted,

And love takes time to heal the newly charted,

But we must do more than at the wall stare.

Love breathes on you when you’re born.

Love proposes to you when you’re adorn.

So give more than you receive, a love worth to share.

Sparks fly when you’re in love.

Love flirts and gives a little shove,

But cover your mate with love don’t just care.

The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

A evil man speaks evil, a good man speaks love. 

The treasure of your heart is what you wear.

So ask God to change your heart

And from evil you will depart.

A heart of gold you have and a tongue of flair.

Did you like these poems?

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