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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

I Am A Man As I Should Be: Poem Book 1

This short but impactful poem about a failed relationship, is called: The Jukebox. The poem begins by comparing life to a song, indicating that everyone has a unique rhythm and melody. The speaker then describes a scene where a woman dances with confidence and allure. She looks around, enjoying the moonlit night and twinkling stars.

However, the poem takes a turn when the woman's friend arrives, and it becomes clear that she is dancing to a different tune than he expected. The woman's movements are described as "all wrong," and the friend's face becomes sad as he realizes that he has lost her. He leaves in frustration, unable to find her.

The poem ends with the speaker expressing the friend's pain and anger, vowing to find and confront the woman to settle the score. The final lines suggest that the woman will never dance again, as she has lost her symphony and the ex-partner's cold stare awaits her.

Overall, this poem explores themes of miscommunication, lost love, and the consequences of misunderstandings in relationships. Here is the poem:

Play it along

We're all a song.

It was there where she danced

In rhythm and thong.

She looked to the right,

She looked to the left.

A patio where she waltzed the moon

And the twinkling starlit night.

She was a patera of green light,

Risky in fright.

Her eyes closed,

Balloons in sight.

It wasn't her last dance,

Not rejected from a fraternity night fight.

Her friend arrived,

Up the stairs he went.

She was dancing to a different tune than he thought,

It wasn't his song,

Her form was all wrong.

She stepped to the left,

She stepped to the right.

His face was sad as he crept,

He wished he hadn't slept.

Her cell phone flashing,

And her whirling hair.

His heart now slashing,

She kept dancing,

He slammed the door,

Inside he couldn't find the whore.

Now he lost his girl,

Just past her score.

His ex in flight,

He went to fight.

His pain and anger evermore

Until he found her to end the score.

A cold stare was in store,

The ex had no symphony,

She could dance nevermore.

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