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Red Entaries

A chairman who shares his great, great grand father's dream of helping moon colonists finds himself on a mission to surpass this vision. Whenever the chairman had a dream another one would bloom as well. The chairman's friend and engineer discovers the first asteroid auction to be for a lot on a space asteroid. Who ever owns this lot can mine for precious ore and that is the chairman's new dream and vision.
As the biding goes on for the asteroid lot prestigious companies have dropped out of the auction. It looks to be clear sailing for the chairman, but just when he's about to win the auction, he finds out the other members have been blackmailed, there is betrayal by his closest allies, even murder.

Can the chairman win the asteroid lot with a mysterious enemy, behind it all, that tries to blackmail him like the other corporations who dropped out of the auction? Only time can tell.

Chapter 1 Friends Night Out

If it was only a dream, why did I not shake it but hold it still so firmly? Why did the sphere of glass not crack upon the moon the diameter of the palm of my hand, where I could squeeze as hard as I could, yet not so. My heart was in it, but why? A man’s thought elapsed.

He stood to release the tension in his hand, but before the shimmering globe was let go, he observed a three foot pedestal, half the size of himself, being a stature of six feet. He looked top to bottom to where the crown of the skinny neck was a bed cushioned to fit a bauble. The flat bottom had two legs, silver, heart shaped, and entwined.

His great grandfather shared it too, he thought, his dream.

He twirled the crystallized ball between his thumb and forefingers and around his fingers until it looked back at him like a giant eye, blinking, but not more menacing than the hard time he was thinking of, how the first moon colony was built, but in Trevor’s case, yes his name was Trevor. He even believed he had a small amount of royal blood back to the dark days. The documentation could prove it, he would say, but as I was saying, Trevor was thinking of the first station on the moon.

Trevor remembered when he imagined the moon as a young child, a platform for First Reach and many generations of men before Trevor was raised, here’s how it goes:

A dusty old moon, like a shaved rock and bricks bashed together and shale that was as broken peanut butter brittle, but not little as some were the size of or half a man—but shrewd and congruent.

These bits of rock or moon rock some might say, were used in the construction of an everyday First Reach public abode. It was built in the hardest of times, but not as hard as Moonlit, a ale that would bring you back to giddy childhood memories and a warm hearth’s fire, like your heart, but it's pour even as a steaming smelter to dry parched tongues in radiated heat.

Moon divers were risking their lives day or night. A rock, or, as they would have it, a pearl in the dark sea, a pricey timeless ripple in space-time. A ageless hope of mankind and the muscle within watching ever gleefully, as the expectant watchtower, waiting for her mother ship to one day part into her white shores. A sign of hope, she was the First Reach of Moon Lodger’s Inn.

Trevor gently placed the moon rock back in its case with respect for his great, great grandfather who, supposedly, bought the antique at a steal.

Trevor let go then smiled gently and closed his eyes. He saw for the first time why this dream meant so much to him. He himself gave hope to others, and if they were willing to look back into the past, they could see how Trevor made a difference for the moon colonists, but, being the overachiever as Trevor was, he wanted more.

Whenever Trevor had a dream another one bloomed as well, always one greater than the next. Now what can I do to surpass my great, great grandfather’s dream? Trevor thought, as he moved to his desk which is ten feet from the door and the pedestal. So…I guess I am a dreamer, Trevor thought, as he sat down and placed his knuckles to where his thumb smudged his cheek into light wrinkles and rested his elbow on the verism table etched with art and a single desk light-unit. My grandfather's genius did manage to found this company, and that was a breakthrough in his life, but what about me? He placed his fingers and knuckles on the table with his chin upon them. How can I have a bigger breakthrough than him? Trevor squinted. Thoughts kept passing one by one, but there was always one hidden behind the others, a feeling since Trevor’s childhood and if indeed this thought should be satisfied, he then would have a breakthrough.  

Trevor began to look out the window of his penthouse office building, he could imagine it, a feeling of grace when his corporate space-jet would arrive, and it was done anytime from its current delivery.

The jet itself was one-hundred twenty-five feet in length and could pack a punch through the atmosphere easily and breathlessly.

Trevor got half way up his chair to meet the space-jet at its touchdown when his phone-unit began to beep.

“This is Chairman Trevor Trahern of Lunar Life Corp, how may I help you this evening?”  

“Aye, it’s Cliff.” Cliff is one of the corporation engineers and a dear friend of Trevor’s.

Trevor frowned when Cliff began a hearty laugh, not that Trevor didn’t enjoy his friend’s laughter, but he knew this wasn’t Cliff’s sobering humility, and that Cliff must have been on a drink run, and it’s unheard of him to arrive on the last day of the week, Sunday.

Trevor sighed with disgust as Cliff spilled every exciting detail, and he always does, but not drinks, no, never those. Trevor shook his head as Cliff mumbled on…and thought, doesn’t this guy get it? I’m not the nightclub party type, but no, he never ceases, one of these days I’m gonna go on one of those drink runs, he’s wearing me out, even though I’m the respectful saint type and you never know, it could be the place I find true love.

“Yahoo!” A loud cry came through Trevor’s phone-unit, he had to shake it more than once after an electrical disturbance to make sure it wasn’t broken. “You’re not gonna believe this lad, oh, I mean gov., there’s room open, even on Dakrin. Are you there sir? I can’t hear you, your phone-unit’s not picking up.”

“I’m here!” Trevor returned the electrical disturbance. “Cliff, I’m just in my office. I was about to head down to see the crew land.”

“No…stay there, I’ll be right up…”

The sky drop elevator lit up at the brim where a rainbow of colors met a brown helix looking down upon Trevor. Trevor came against the elevator entrance where it shot up in a second’s moment, but touching gently in one smooth motion.

Cliff felt as if he would levitate, then break back in his boots again. There was no bang, clang, or rattle, but a single chime as the doors resonated when breached.

Trevor was in position ready to catch Cliff stumbling off his wits.

Cliff waltzed in. His ecstatic joy revealed something other than being drunk. Trevor welcomed the guest with open arms. Cliff wore a gray suit, silver tie, and ponytail. The guise of a chauffeur driver was not nearly enough to share his excitement with the host. (Cliff was ready to drive Trevor to the nightclub)

Cliff shook Trevor’s hand, then placed a document down the chairman’s inner pocket to next fix his suit’s tie, nice and neat. “This reminds me,” Cliff said, “when we first met, how you were the one who made my tie tight and straight…” Cliff winked with humor.

Trevor broke away.

As Trevor walked, he looked back once from his office door and spoke sternly, “Now, I’ve had well enough of your gay jokes, and I’m not going to the pub for a one night stand!”

“But sir,” Cliff cowered, “your old, single, and I’ve got girls and beers…”

“A good woman would be a partner not a pitfall,” Trevor responded.

“Wait, wait, wait, just hear me out, it's different this time, I promise!” Cliff jolted ahead of Trevor, and in his office, he searched through his boss’s shelves. “Now where is it—?” Cliff clapped.

“Go fish!” Trevor said, the tone was as if he didn’t care to blow his employee off, but to Cliff the boss played hard to get to the pub.

“For someone, one and lonely,” Cliff said, “you sure know how to hide a bottle of Moonlit.”

Out—the expression was not words, but how Trevor pointed his finger.

“But gov…” Cliff was going past the, I’ve had enough and into the red zone, you're fired! “Sir you don’t mean it…” Cliff cowered once more, “I have terrific news for us…I mean, you, you, you,” Cliff rolled up his sleeves then nodded. “There’s a plot or lot where the asteroid is mined, sir,” Cliff nodded once more.

Trevor felt jittery in his heart then placed one leg on his desk and turned his head away, then said, “it’s in the moon bauble’s pedestal, it slides open…”

“Now, this is no practical joke that none have signed up,” Cliff said. Cliff shook the bottle, tried to pull the compressed cork. “There are no bids, sir, it's all ours.” Cliff had a wide grin like a homeless man who found a lost bottle of booze.

Trevor walked back to his window and saw the corporate space-jet land. “Okay Cliff, keep this quiet.”

Cliff knew Trevor’s heart was enthralled.

“Just the thing to honor my expired great, great grandfather, and you know what,” Trevor turned around, took off his suit, also not forgetting, but forgiving when he held the document from his inside pocket. “I’m yours tonight Cliff, anyplace you want,” he said wryly then laughed, “but keep it secret and safe.”

“Aye, scouts honor gov.”

“And bring that bottle along,” Trevor finished.

Trevor and Cliff continued their conversation in the later afternoon—which was Cliff’s Idea.

Eddy Elliot, Trevor’s butler, now was driving them in a white hover-car. Not a limousine or taxi, but it had the four doors and the new age art young adults whistled at.

Brooklyn had electricity that night. It burdened Cliff how innocent and inexperienced Trevor was and with nightclubs. “Relax sir,” Cliff said. The music was prodigiously in the car at this point. “Trevor, you’re a legend, just play it cool.”

“Me—but, I haven’t been to a nightclub in ages.”

“That’s good, that’s good, you're going to be the rebel who spiked the punch. I’ve made the arrangements. VIP’s are here from around the world—companies just like ours that support the moon colony.”

“But what about spiking the punch?” Trevor said.

“Well, there’s a speech, dance, and a sprightly young lass who’s just your type and actress to boot,” Cliff winked.

“So, you think I’m going to sleep with her?” Trevor said with disgust.

“Sir, just calm down and go with the grain.”

Trevor closed his eyes tightly while taking deep breaths and took the bottle of Moonlit upon his lap. “Alright, I’ll mingle,” Trevor said freely, “but no one-night stands.”

The butler Eddy Elliot spoke as the car stopped abruptly, “the host of the house awaits.” They got out in the order of introductions. Trevor, Cliff, then the butler who waved bye to see his master make it inside. Eddy was enticed to join the dance party, but his doctor told him to take it easy. His heart health has seen better days.

Trevor thought, what have you gotten me into Cliff! The chauffeur shook Trevor’s hand. He wore a ghastly attire with laser beads on his cheeks and ears, it was trendy these days.

Trevor was escorted beyond the midst of the long lines and throngs and into the club Friends Night Out. I’m about to embark on a great journey, Trevor thought. My great, great grandfather would be proud.

Trevor showed the doorman his guest pass. Trevor walked as he smugly held the bottle of Moonlit against his belly. Trevor reminisced as the doorman shook his head—no; thinking of his first day at work, then how accomplished he would be to buy a lot on a mining asteroid. If I owned a lot on that asteroid, then a whole new world would open up to me, Trevor thought, I would even be given the opportunity to buy a property on First Reach. It is said it’s more wonderful than living on the earth.

The doorman refused to unhook the tether guard for Trevor, but held his hand empty, as if he expected something.

“Do you not know who I am?” Trevor said, as if he discovered he was now president of a new company.

“The bottle, you can’t go in with the bottle.”

“Do you not know how priceless this is?”

“I’m sorry, either it goes or you.”

Trevor shook his head twice then nodded once. Trevor said, “goodbye my old friend,” as the doorman had to pry it from his fingers. “Just don’t open it, it will be worth more than you can imagine.”

Trevor walked smugly as he was allowed in and Cliff followed close behind.

Trevor was nervous. The lady inside took his black cloak, revealing the blue and silver suit underneath, Cliff himself wore the suit he had when he told Trevor about the terrific news.

“Wow, this is my kind of party!” Trevor said to Cliff. Then they were led to two named seats, No roaring mob dancing their hearts out to earn a date like Cliff loved. Although Trevor did hear music resonating in the backdrop, must be to set the mood, he thought.

The party was organized, just like the aftermath of a wedding, how there was a round table and many prestigious people waiting for a chance to send their blessings and condolences, even the speaker who finished his last line was excited as if he was newly wed.

The speaker said, “thank the heaven of heaven’s for the First Reach Colony.” Everyone began to clap, the smile on his face was dignified by the two lady robots he sat next to, even nodding. Trevor congratulated them, they smiled. Trevor deep down though was appalled that a person would choose robots instead of human partners.

“Aren’t they precious?” Cliff whispered in Trevor’s left ear.

“A little too perfect I’d say, Trevor responded, “and one way to determine if they’re machines.

“Now for our next speaker: Trevor Trahern!” They clapped for Trevor more than the speaker before him, the gentleman from Shanghai wasn’t pleased.

“Aw, you shouldn’t have,” Trevor spoke lightly, then made his way to the podium. Trevor cleared his throat then checked the microphone, It was working. “This is such an honor, I thought I was heading to one of those wild club parties.” Laughs. “Then I stumbled into such a treat indeed.” Claps. “I’ll keep this short, I’m kind of antsy since I lost my bottle of Moonlit.” Laughs. “You know, I was going to share it with you all, only Cliff clapped this time.

“Aye Trevor! Cliff said. Then they stared at Cliff with all the integrity of the world, Cliff felt belittled, but they let him off with a smile.

“It’s been some time since my first day as chairman,” Trevor spoke, “in fact, today is that anniversary when I began the journey. Wow, I can’t believe this is happening, such an honor. It all started when my great, great grandfather had a dream. He built our company from the ground up, thanks to God, and him, I have the lives of the colonists to support everyday. If it wasn’t for companies such as yours and mine, they wouldn’t have enough food, water, even the toys they have to give them pleasure. Our companies supply the needs for asteroid miners…” Trevor suddenly felt uncomfortable, a gut feeling to get off stage.

Close one, Trevor thought, and he wiped his brow. I almost squealed my plans away. (Trevor knew the other company chairman would figure out there was an asteroid lot for sale, but, he hoped he could fly under the radar and purchase it before they made any solid investments.) Trevor wanted to leave and make the largest investment he could. He was prepared to sell his own company if that’s what it would take to buy the asteroid lot.

Yes, Trevor thought, I’ll sell my company, and make the largest investment I can to purchase the asteroid lot. In the spirit, my great, great grandfather may be angry, but, I could at least buy ten more companies like my own, or even, build one on the moon. Yeah! That’s what I’ll do, and I’ll make it into one of the largest mining corporations to boot. My great, great grandfather wouldn’t be ashamed of that! And so, Trevor had his breakthrough, but he needed the resolution even more now.

“Anyway,” Trevor paused in thought for a good three seconds, “you’re all welcome to visit me at my estate at Dahlgren Plaza Road, for lunch, thank you all so much.”

Trevor was carried off by the claps as he went back to his seat.

The host himself sitting at the round table said: “Thank you, you’ve all been a treat.”

Then a chime rang and the room went all dark except for the four eyes of the robot ladies,

The hall illuminated once again signaling everyone to rise and join the party.

The holographic chamber was now replaced with a dance floor, Trevor was amazed. The ceiling lights were as a wormhole pulling in a galaxy. The host and hostess were dancing in limbo, or at least, which looked like some kind of gravitational disturbance that allowed this older couple to swing from the hip like bull riding. So light-weight and agile, they must be part machines. Their bodies almost floated, as if they were in the moon’s gravity.

“Phew, they don’t waste time,” Trevor said, “I can’t keep up with them, I need a drink…”

Apparently, a drink was handed to Trevor. A lady was waiting for him to re-materialize.

Cliff must’ve set this up, Trevor thought, I’ll be nice and find some way out of this…Trevor knew the moment she took a drink and smiled with a full mouth of wine, she wasn’t his type.

Almost choking, Trevor mumbled: “Cliff, you’ll pay for this!” She was all over him like a cat rolling in the sun looking for human contact, but, this attempt to draw Trevor into her vulnerable side wasn’t working; so instead of a playful smile, she went for an innocent dance.

Trevor’s soft side was indeed his weakness. Trevor caved as she began to pet his hair after she walked her chin on his shoulder, next her head leaned against his chest, then they began to dance.

Everything slowed down, especially the music, which Trevor wasn’t thankful for.

“You work fast don’t you miss…?”

“I know I’m a bit aggressive,” she said, “but you’re such a catch, I’m Laura Rains, I didn’t want to miss this chance with you…”

“I’m Trevor Trahern,” he rolled his eyes, “as you're well aware of, but for me…could we, could we have another drink? I’m parched.”

“Sure,” Laura said, smiling without blinking. She had her eyes fixed on him. She even went as far as to hold his hand when they went to sit.

Cliff where are you, Trevor thought, how am I going to get out of this? I don’t want to hurt her feelings. I suppose I might have to give her this bachelor date, then let her down gently. I don’t feel a love spark with her.

The two made their way to the mini bar as Laura began to unfold her life story. Trevor was glad to be served wine and to be given a short break from the conversation.

Trevor responded: “well you seem familiar, but I’m not surprised you’re an actor, and that new romance movie you're starring in, what was the name?”

“Nerve to Love,” Laura said.

“I’m happy for you,” Trevor said, “oh, but I have to tell you something Laura. I…I think you're pretty while your dress is red carpet worthy, and your hair even makes my knees weak.” Trevor sighed, he was about to let her down. She looks so innocent and she’s enjoying herself, this won’t be easy.

Cliff walked by while Trevor felt his burden with Laura rest.

“Cliff! I want you to meet Cliff!”

Trevor grabbed the engineer’s attention by pulling his suit. Cliff sat next to Laura in the only free bar stool.

“Cliff and I are best friends, aren’t we pal?”

“Yes, we sure are gov.”

“Laura, isn’t Trevor everything I told you he was?” Cliff spoke twice.

“Yes,” Laura said, “Trevor’s a class act, and thank you Cliff for setting this up for us.”

“Well Laura, you're a knockout,” Trevor said, feeling entrapped.

“Let's have a few rounds,” Cliff continued.

Trevor and Laura were in agreement.

As the night went on, it sunk into Trevor, the party was about himself and Cliff celebrating a new goal they have, to start a mining franchise, but Cliff is getting out of hand, they haven’t even made a deal with the Olympian Space Fleet yet.

Trevor decided it was time for him to get up and make an offer on the asteroid auction, now.

“Laura,” Trevor said, “maybe we can continue this some other day, my estate awaits me.”

“But I was gonna grav’ ya tonight hun,” Laura said. Obviously she was drunk, but the idea was a turn on for Trevor for he knew what she implied lead to at the moon colony where the gravity of a human being, even two together, for love making on the Lunar surface was taken to a new whole level, but Laura wasn’t the right woman for Trevor. “Another time,” Trevor said, then he put his foot down and rose from the stool.

“Byes, Byes…” Laura was interrupted, she could only leave Trevor with a weak wave flapping her hand up and down slowly.

Cliff interjected: “I could drive you home Laura or wherever you’re staying tonight.”

“No Cliff,” Laura said, “I’ll take a hover-taxi; and you're not my type, sorry chap…”

As Cliff watched Laura walk away he realized his friend Trevor would regret this night forever.

Why is Trevor so stubborn, Cliff thought. I just wanted him to have the night of his life. I thought for sure Trevor would sleep with Laura, I mean, she’s a top rate actress with a body of an angel. I guess good looks and prestige aren’t enough, he wants true love. A saint, I work for a saint…Well, I’m going to have the night of my life for the both of us then and share all the glorified details with Trevor.

“Yes, ha, ha!” Cliff was thrilled with excitement.

The night was young, but to Cliff being an older man made things challenging, and he loved a good challenge. The only thing Cliff loved as much as women was gambling.

It sparked Cliff’s interest to see the gentleman from Shanghai leave his two lady robots, especially as he went into the gambling hall.

The robots were dancing together now, the two looked like a certain Russian supermodel, but Cliff couldn’t put his finger on what their names were. They had short blond hair, one with a peach colored dress, and the other with a red one. Their long slender bodies had rows of laser beads on their arms and legs.

They weren’t twins, but you could call them sisters, and they were way too much of a woman for Cliff.

Or for any man, Cliff thought. They had inhuman strength and grace, and their dance movements indicated they were built for something else besides dancing.

Cliff thought, If I could leave an impression on these lady robots, maybe, just maybe, I could impress the Shanghai chairman into a high stakes gambling match.

I better loosen up first, drink something hard, because this could be my last dance. These girls could pull me limb from limb, and to be dumped by a machine, I wouldn’t even know how to handle it. But first of all, I’d better make sure Trevor took his bottle of Moonlit with him, hate for him to lose it.

Cliff walked outside of the club.

“Did Trevor take the bottle of Moonlit with him,” Cliff said, to the doorman after he made sure he still had his all night pass.

“I tried to tell Trevor,” the doorman said, “but his mind was in a world all of its own, he walked right to his car and even his butler wouldn’t respond. Trevor was very motivated to leave as soon as possible, there wasn’t anything I could do, sorry. It’s of the most importance Trevor told me.”

“Trevor’s lucky I’m still here,” Cliff said, “It’s precious to him, let me take it to him.”

The doorman handed over the bottle of Moonlit.

“Hey,” Cliff said, “you better not have drunk any.” Cliff checked to see if the seal was loose. “Oops,” Cliff said, the cork popped. “I might as well take a slug or two.”

Cliff’s whole body became numb. “This stuff must go straight to your brain,” he said. “It tastes awful like space-jet fuel.”

Cliff felt as if darkness was taking over, his rebel side was now in control.

Cliff slammed the bottle of Moonlit as hard as he could against the pavement.

It shattered at the moment Cliff realized he would never be the same person again, something changed in him for the worse.

Cliff felt hatred.

I was betrayed by Trevor, Cliff thought. Why didn’t Trevor tell me this bottle of Moonlit was dangerous? I feel I have brain damage, I hope a pretty face will help me forget about it and heal me. With tears Cliff’s true self was dripping away.

Cliff went to dance with the two robot sisters. At first they ignored him. To get their attention Cliff had to interrupt their dance.

“You two ladies danced the whole night, might I add; without breaking a sweat.

How’s the dance sound with me pretty face?” Cliff talked to the one in a red dress while the host came to help Cliff out, or maybe he just wanted to dance with one himself.

“Okay!” the one in red spoke enthusiastically and finally gave into Cliff’s begging.

Maybe they weren’t robots after all, Cliff thought.

As Cliff started dancing to the one in red the host brought the one in peach to do the unusual ‘bull riding’ dance with.

After drinking Moonlit, Cliff thought, If I can’t be my old self again, I guess its okay to fall for a girl robot. She’s a goddess, too perfect for humans.

Cliff tried many times to bring the one in red to his sleeping chamber, but she kept denying him and giggling back in a: ‘I’m to good for you, even though your all that sort of way.’ She liked the attention and it was feeding her ego to play hard to get.

She’s teasing me, Cliff thought. It hurt.

“Alright,” Cliff said in a kinky tone. “I want to gamble with your boss, and if I win. I’m taking you and your girlfriend to my bedchamber.”

“No deal,” she said.

Cliff offered a large sum of wages to gamble with the Shanghai chairman, but she still declined.

Eventually Cliff spilled the whole thing about the asteroid auction and that his boss Trevor was making secret offers right this very moment for it.

This caught the two lady robots off guard and they planned to escort Cliff into the gambling hall.

After the one in red notified the one in peach about the asteroid lot for sale she blew goodbye kisses to the host, then she notified her boss with her phone-unit.

The Shanghai chairman was surprised to hear the good news about the asteroid lot and he wanted to meet Cliff, even gamble with him in the hope Cliff would tell him everything else he knew about the asteroid auction.

Peach and Red (Cliff decided would be their names) led Cliff to their boss.

Cliff and the Shanghai chairman greeted each other and agreed it was getting late and they should get this gambling match on with.

This night while Cliff was playing as a pool patron and being escorted by the two lovely ladies, he met the unusual chairman. He was an older man but fit like a master martial artist.

“I challenge you to a game, what are the stakes?” The Shanghai gentle man spoke, aloofly.

“Aye, I’d like to break pal.” Cliff was humbled

“Alright, alright,” Cliff confessed in a way he wanted control. “What’s your bet?”

“I want you,” said, the fit Shanghai man.

“Ha, ha, ha,” Cliff belied a hearty laugh.

“No, I’m serious,” the Shanghai man placed his hand off the pool stick he used unnecessarily as a cane, then slipping his hand violently across it as if he could break Cliff in half with a stare.

“So what if I win?” Cliff spoke as if he met tougher people all his life. Cliff racked the balls, but bounced them and scrambled to catch them when they almost fell off either side.

“You can have my two trophy wives (Cliff was flattered by Peach and Red) I’ll divorce them upon the moment I lose,” the Shanghai man said with a devilish tongue, “clean and up front.” He showed Cliff the divorce papers.

“…Is this for real?…” Cliff broke into the Shanghai man’s speech only to have it tickled by a white beard and godly laugh. “he, he, he, he, hah…he!”

“Oh…yes it's real…Clifford Clayworth…”

Cliff was dumbfounded for a moment but was unable to snap back into his usual self. “How is it that you know my full name? and what if I lose…?” Cliff spoke as he sharpened his cue stick. This will be easier than having to play novice difficulty hologram pool, Cliff thought, as he took a deep breath patiently watching another pool match in lingo.

“Then you're out!” The Shanghai man barked and slid his custom made pool stick under his nose to smell the quality materials in masterful artwork. He definitely enjoyed the old school pool. “If you lose you're out for good, understand?”

“No…” And as Cliff spoke, the Shanghai chairman walked with ease to the pool table until finally gripping the pine finished frame with his silver machine hand.

“But I’ll roll,” Cliff smirked as if he had this guy in the bag, but was it the other way around?

Cliff laughed that thought out then the match began which Cliff hoped would be what he needed to forget about his symptoms from drinking the hard ale Moonlit, and tomorrow, he could be busy designing laser tools for miner colonists. If I can’t get back to my old self, Cliff thought, I might be mentally disabled, my whole life could be over, then again, if I win this pot I wouldn’t be single anymore, would I?”

Cliff lost the game, he learned that the Shanghai chairman of Moon Landers Corp would hire the Mob to blackmail Trevor.

Cliff tried to walk out when he heard that losing the bet implied that he would have to betray his dear friend Trevor or his own life would be forfeit, even among the pictures that showed Cliff the MLC chairman hired a Mob boss who is a representation of malice called the Harbinger. The MLC chairman assured Cliff that Trevor was going to fall no matter if Cliff joins him or not. There was a dark silence in the hall as more pictures were spread across the pool table, even though bodyguards of different genders and unique hair styles were blocking the curious spectators, but not the deathly aura.

Cliff couldn’t stomach Trevor‘s company being blackmailed. At least, Cliff thought, I would save my own neck in the end. But Cliff’s heart held a terrifying feeling that has yet to leave him even after the MLC chairman left.

Trevor was the first one to make a bid of one-billion dollars on the web. Soon later Trevor was disappointed when he was out bid by five other companies, so he had to raise the stakes by keeping the lead and holding his personal spending to a minimum.

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Updates! First ch. of Red Entaries, Friends Night Out. The novel won't be finished until sometime next year.


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