Red Entaries

A chairman who shares his great grandfather's dream of helping moon colonists finds himself on a mission to surpass this vision. Whenever the chairman had a dream another one would bloom as well. The chairman's friend and engineer discovers the first asteroid auction to be for a lot on a space planetoid. Whoever owns this lot can mine for precious ore and that is the chairman's new dream and vision. 

As the bidding goes on for the asteroid lot, prestigious companies have dropped out of the auction. It looks to be clear sailing for the chairman, but just when he's about to win the auction, he finds out the other members have been blackmailed, there is betrayal by his closest allies, even murder.

Can the chairman win the asteroid lot with a mysterious enemy, behind it all, that tries to blackmail him like the other corporations who dropped out of the auction? Only time can tell.

Chapter 1 (Sample)

If it was only a dream, why did I not shake it but hold it still so firmly? Why did the sphere of glass not crack upon the Moon the diameter of the palm of my hand, where I could squeeze as hard as I could, yet not so. My heart was in it, but why? A man’s thought elapsed. 

He stood to release the tension in his hand, but before the shimmering globe was let go, he observed a three foot pedestal, half the size of himself, being a stature of six feet. He looked top to bottom to where the crown of the skinny neck was a bed cushioned to fit a bauble. The flat bottom had two legs, silver, heart shaped, and entwined.

His great grandfather shared it too, he thought, his dream.

He twirled the crystallized ball between his thumb and forefingers and around his fingers until it looked back at him like a giant eye, blinking, but not more menacing than the hard time he was thinking of, how the first Moon colony was built, but in Trevor’s case, yes, his name was Trevor Trahern. He even believed he had a small amount of royal blood back in the dark days. The documentation could prove it, he would say, but as I was saying; he was thinking of the first station on the Moon.

Trevor remembered when he imagined the Moon as a young child, a platform for First Reach and many generations of men before Trahern was raised. Here's how it goes:

A dusty old Moon, 

Like a shaved rock and bricks bashed together 

And shale that was as broken peanut butter brittle, 

But not little as some were the size 

Of or half a man—but shrewd and congruent.

These bits of rock or Moon rock, 

Some might say, 

Were used in the construction 

Of an everyday First Reach public abode. 

It was built in the hardest of times, 

But not as hard as Moonlit, 

A ale that would bring you back 

To giddy childhood memories and a warm hearth’s fire, 

Like your heart, 

But it poured even as a steaming smelter 

To dry parched tongues in radiated heat.

Moon Divers were risking their lives day or night. 

A rock, or, as they would have it, 

A pearl in the dark sea, 

A pricey timeless ripple in space-time. 

A ageless hope of mankind and the muscle 

Within watching ever gleefully, 

As the expectant watchtower, 

Waiting for her mother ship to one 

Day part into her white shores. 

A sign of hope, she was the 

First Reach of Moon Lodger’s Inn.

Did you like the sneak peek?

Updates! The novel is released, it's for sale at Amazon!!

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