Ronald Bunch is a dedicated and passionate writer with a deep love for the art of poetry, science fiction, and fantasy. He’s committed to his Catholic faith and his work. Ronald's interests span a wide range, including writing, reading, social media, weight lifting, and riding an exercise bike. He’s on a  journey to become a published author. He's writing a new book, he will seek an agent and traditional publication for it. He did volunteer work at Kids Food Basket, and Habitat for Humanity. He loves pizza and cats. His upbringing in Catholic schools and his birthplace in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, in 1982, have also shaped who he is today.

 My latest book is out, it's called Heart of Brawlsteenian and it's for sale at Amazon.



My workout besides riding an exercise bike for 1 hour.

1 Sit-ups, 2 kettlebell squats, 3 kettlebell calf raises.

 Monday, Thursday

12 reps, 6 sets each

1 Standing dumbbell flys, 2 dumbbell rows, 3 dumbbell shoulder shrugs. 

Tuesday, Friday

12 reps, 6 sets each

1 Dumbbell military press, 2 dumbbell bicep curls, 3 dumbbell behind-head triceps extension. Wednesday, Saturday

12 reps, 6 sets each



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