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Thursday, June 17, 2021


Ronald Bunch is a dedicated and passionate writer with a deep love for the art of poetry, science fiction, and fantasy. His commitment to his Catholic faith and his work is inspiring. His interests include writing, reading, social media, weight lifting, and riding an exercise bike. He enjoys reading a wide range of genres, including poetry, fantasy, science fiction, Catholic books, writer/author biographies, writing tips, self-help, and fiction. Ronald’s life and work are deeply influenced by his religion, his love for writing, and his dedication to his craft. His journey as a self-published author who writes six days a week, copywrites, drafts, edits, and advertises his own work is commendable. His personal life, including his volunteer work at Kids Food Basket, his devotion to God, and his love for pizza and cats, adds a unique touch to his identity as a writer. His upbringing in Catholic schools and his birthplace, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, in 1982, have also shaped who he is today.


He wrote the following, and it’s for sale at Amazon by Ronald Bunch: 
I Am A Man As I Should Be: Poem Book 1,
Lead all Souls to Heaven God: Poem Book 2,
Timothy & Sammy,
Heavenly Glade Haiku the Book, 
Red Entaries, 
Heart of Brawlsteenian.

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