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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Lead All Souls To Heaven God: Poem Book 2


The cursing.

The lies.

The cries.

We must stop it.

Read the Bible.

Listen at the pulpit.

Don’t be doomed,

But be a wild

Flower that bloomed.

The curse.

The Rant.

Don’t be what can’t.

Get out more

With what can

Be seen.

The lust.

The tulip.

The distrust.

Be quiet

And listen.

You may just

Hear Jehova.

The glance

At a dance.

Be fruitful

And planted with

A spoon of seed.

Hear it and

Say it.

The Apostles Creed.


I jump through the fire.

A circus act can now kill,

But it was a thrill.

Earth is the Beginning

The mirror of our souls,

Not the shoes with soles,

But God in His image

We were made.

We have love 

Just like Jehovah.

The seeds and

The rosary beads.

The Holy Trinity is love.

Mary the Mother 

Of God who prays for us,

And the saints.

One day, we

Can see Jesus.

His decision is just.

One day, we may find

Our gifts from God,

Do it for Jesus.

Whatever it may be,

If we find our

Job is just,

We may find Jesus

Can please us,

And that’s our calling.

Whatever it

May be,

A wife and children,

Or in a church,

A beacon.

We do it right

And it may be

A plight, but,

We must push-on

Because it’s right.

Earth is the beginning,

And heaven is forgiving.

The Old and Wise

The collection.

The doom.

The seers.

The boom!

The old and wise

Think of heaven.

A sheet of music is played,

And death is conquered.

No stick of dynamite

Can kill the souls

Of elect ones.

Music tells of the ancient.

The angels and

Kings of old

Tell a story that is

Always bold.

The knights

And the fights.

The castles

And the plagues.

Riding horse-back

And medieval raids.

Burning bodies

To quarantine.

A singing

Bard of old

Buys beer and gives gold,

To sing and dance, is told.

To rhyme in songs

With pints and throngs.

Making merry and cheers

With smiles and no tears.

Mighty and no lies.

The burning bush is wise.

The serpent tells of lies,

And will be burning in hell, no surprise.

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