When governor Jack Holeson was President of Neobadia, he tried to kill all of the gene spliced orphans, but one survived and his name was Alek.

When Jack became President of Neobadia he was against gene splicing, he said it was playing God, and it was wrong; instead he made a group of soldiers called the Headhunters, and their duty was to hunt the Creatures of Neobadia, to get the sought after Nectar by killing the animals.

Now Alek was for gene splicing and to not kill the Creatures. Instead, he wants to stop this President at all costs and, hopefully, save these animals one way or another.

Chapter 1 (Sample)

Ethan Everton’s spaceship almost escaped. He was careful to not crash, blazingly, into an iceberg. There were Creatures everywhere. 

He almost landed into a wide mouth, a worm. Creatures here always seem to be very hungry and dangerous. Ethan should watch himself, not to mention, he was being hunted by a Headhunter.

His ship was no match, but he can’t let his wife be captured. She has a bounty on her head: Dead or alive: Ten thousand ki.

This is Ethan’s home world, he’s never been anywhere else, and he never planned to be, that’s until Killarla came into his life, his first and only wife. They were more than just lovers; she was his best friend too. He would hate to lose her.

Ethan grabbed her hand and pulled off the burning rubble as he released her legs. She was a dirty mess, but nowhere compared to his spacecraft. The left wing was a total wreck.

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