Heart of Brawlsteenian

 Alcor is tracking the Heart Shards in January during World War 3 at 3021 A.D. for one year. If you fit the Shards together it forms a glowing red heart. A battery with enough power to rule the world. In the end, the hero brings the Shards to the Brawlsteenian space station and he has to make a decision. To destroy it, or to keep it to rule the world; all in the attempt to prevent World War 4.

Chapter 1 (Sample) World War Three Alcor, a young man, during World War Three, came out of his bomb shelter called Enwake. After an elevator ride, he unwrenched the door which could only be unsealed from the inside. When he opened the door, he noticed it was January. This was the first time he saw a snowflake. His mother warned him that he shouldn’t go outside, but he didn’t listen. He wanted to see it for himself. He thought he would be excited to see it for the first time. He wanted to find a girlfriend. Alcor was prepared for battle, and besides, he wanted to help Enwake. It was where he was born. He dreamed many times about finding a Heart Shard.

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